Dating ingraham mantle clock

Find out what dealers and collectors have actually paid for antique grandfather, mantel or wall clocks like yours covers american, european and continental clocks of all types we have 35,373 antique clock prices, images and descriptions as of october 10, 2018. The american spring-driven mantel clock by dave coatsworth from the point where they became affordable to the average family (1850-60) to the time where many of the american clock companies went out of business (pre-wwii) the styles of american mantel clocks changed significantly. Patents in clockmaking usually cover innovations to clockworks, the wheels and springs and escapements that together contribute to a clock’s ability to keep accurate time in the case of elias ingraham, founder of the 19th-century connecticut company that bore his name, the patents he applied for concerned the design of his cases.

The sessions clock co, was founded in 1903 by william e sessions and other members of the sessions family, in forestville, connecticut mantle clocks were just one among many different types of clocks manufactured by sessions. This mantle clock was in a relative's estate very ornate the clock face says the e ingraham co not sure if it works or not no key or weight. These were in the form of gothic, banjo clocks, shelf clocks, mantel clocks and wall clocks the elegant ‘figure 8’ door design was one of the company’s greatest hallmarks, patented in 1857 ingraham clocks, so innovative for their time, continue to be popular with collectors.

Knowing that there are variations to the company names for an e ingraham clock helps people date this type of clock the stamped set of numbers, on the front plate, further help identify the clock's exact year of manufacture. When i first started collecting clocks as a teenager back in the early 1990's, it was an ingraham black mantle clock that i always wished to have and at long last, in 2013, i came into possession of this one, after having a sessions, and then a new haven black mantle first.

A popular american mantel clock from the 1850s to the 1920s, black mantel clocks were a staple of american production, according to discoverclockscom manufactured by edward ingraham, these. A handsome antique mantel clock by the e ingraham & co, which can be dated to between 1881 and 1885 (see link for dating method) it has a mahogany case with a pointed top with a shaped edge and incised star designs.

E ingraham co mantle clock so far what i know is that it is e ingraham co, here is what i see from the front of the movement using a mirror and my sons eyes, 4 e ingraham co 26 sessions dash clock inherited from dad, seems all complete. Whether a hanging wall, mantel or parlor clock, in 1857, ingraham patented a figure-eight door design used on many of these clocks this design entailed two round circles, one above the other, with the lower one sometimes slightly smaller than the top one, each with a hinged door.

This clock is an ingraham it works and it's a mantle clock it has a pendulum with a picture of a woman on it and a glass front with an eagle, with two american flags on either side of it a wreath under that with crossed swords on the left side and a cannon under the swords and a bugle on the right.

Dating ingraham mantle clock
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